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Maybe, if I am really horny, I can possibly be distracted by some sexy graphics and just bite my lower lip and wanna touch myself. That is where her G-spot is, and when you hit that, or give it good firm friction/pressure, it feel sooooo good! There are a lot of nerve endings on the human body that can cause sexual stimulus.

Most of the time, I am horny as fuck during the whole thing, no lie. If you are too big, help by pressing against her clit with your hands. The pussy has a lot of nerve endings mainly on the front, and close in the entrance of the vagina. Once she is ready and when you enter her pussy, don't enter just straight in, enter by curving your fingers/dick upward.

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The only line that I draw is that I will NOT do anything related to poo, pee, and vomit whatsoever. All of the predictions that come with that star sign have been true.

HOWEVER, there is a reason why I say "almost anything". I personally believe astrology as fact, from the experience that I have seen about every star sign I have observe and been with.

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