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Will gets jumped by two guys in the park and gets called a homophobic slur, Layla tries to write her own songs that aren't mushy love songs, Scarlett befriends a homeless man and Juliette rushes off stage then passes out.

The CMA nominations are announced with Rayna leading with the most nominations; she questions if it's because she is with Luke.

Zoey thinks there something going on between Gunnar and Scarlett after finding them in a storage room together.

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She wants to keep her pregnancy discreet and plans to give the baby up for adoption.

Jeff wins a trip to go golfing with Teddy where he butters up to him, and asks about his girls.

This will be the first time in TV history that a scripted drama has attempted this musical feat.

On August 11, 2014, it was announced that actress-singer Brette Taylor joined the cast in a major recurring role as Pam, Luke’s sultry, extroverted new backup singer, and Alexa Pena Vega also was cast for a multi-episode arc as Kiley, Gunnar’s first love and who is now a single mother.

While auditioning to play the role of Patsy Cline for a movie, Juliette lets her emotions of her break-up show through.

As Scarlett prepares to leave for Mississippi, Avery stops by saying that he wants to go with her.

Juliette struggles with morning sickness and has to keep excusing herself during tour rehearsals.

Glenn and Emily are concerned so they go snooping around her home to find clues, thinking she is on drugs.

This season will receive a combined million incentive package from the state of Tennessee, Metro Nashville and other local groups, lower than the Season 2 incentives — which totaled .25 million.

On August 1, 2014, it was announced that the first episode of the season will be aired live, and will consist of musical performances broadcast directly from the Bluebird Café.

In retaliation Jeff calls someone about looking to sign two sisters then waves to Teddy.

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