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In fact, he said, his mental state was so impaired by hypoxia that he didn’t pull the “green apple” because he became was more concerned about burdening the maintenance crew with the task of refilling the oxygen – than his own life.He landed safely, but that was “just luck,” he said. According to a memo Fox News obtained from the House Armed Service Committee, the Navy has noticed a rise in hypoxia among pilots operating F/A-18s.

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Following this pilot protest, Vice Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral Bill Moran, ordered a “30-day Review” of the episodes involving the T-45 and F/A-18, including how the issues were addressed.

Moran promised to “provide a full and open accounting to our aviation community, their families, and the public.” Vice Adm.

The Navy has also increased the frequency of aircraft inspections.

But the precise cause of the growing incidents of hypoxia and other physiological episodes is still not known.

The real issue is how to prevent the oxygen problems before they cause trouble.

As a Marine pilot noted, his job “is an inherently risky business.” “But,” he added,” the Navy and Marine Corps should give you a better than average chance.” This issue isn’t limited to frontline combat aircraft.“Crew safety is a top priority for us, and we’ll continue to be a proactive partner on the way forward.” The Navy has also been training pilots in simulators with a device that induces hypoxia so it can recognize the symptoms and learn how to deal with them.And the Navy is also providing pilots with portable hypobaric recording watches that may alert them if cabin pressurization fails, as well as devices that measure and record cabin pressure changes for post-flight review.They can experience dizziness, tingling in the fingers or toes and confusion – some have even lost consciousness.And that puts everyone on the fighter jet in serious danger.Mike Shoemaker, Commander in the Naval Air Forces, said the issue was his “No.


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