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This form of entertainment is a value proposition: You sacrifice your time, your pride, and your perception of yourself as a mature, educated human being.

In return, you receive the value of watching mouth-breathing, fame-seeking, cocktail-tossing caricatures maniac their way from one contrived scene to the next.

On paper this actually does seem like something that would look good on a résumé and worthy of discussing during a job interview. Nate decided the best way to announce the partnership of these two organizations geared toward helping the nation’s youth deal with the difficulty that comes with being this nation’s youth was to throw a Jager-bomb-soaked rock-and-roll concert. Further, he decided that his role during the event would be that of master of ceremonies. He also decided that the best preparation for public speaking about serious social issues affecting America’s youth is to dress up like an LMFAO backup dancer, drink a half a bottle of whiskey (20 points), and argue with Frank over the content of their onstage announcement (5 points verbal 5 hot tub bonus points).

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Mark Burnett, Jeff Probst and David Burris are executive producers and Leisa Francis is co-executive producer. For more detailed information about SURVIVOR: SOUTH PACIFIC and the castaways, log on to com/survivor.

Look, I am not going to lie to you, this week in reality TV was a net loss.

Nate had other ideas: Nate: “That’s the thing, don’t say gay.” Frank: “Well, I have to; it is for It Gets Better.” Nate: “I didn’t say suicide.” Frank: “It is about life and that there is light at the end of the tunnel.” Nate: “Don’t say life, don’t say life. That is what we are here for.” Frank: “Are you drunk? A young person is plucked out of his or her small-town life by a Bunim/Murray casting robot, spends four months being followed by cameras in a mansion, and at the end of the experience comes to the realization that in a few short days there will be no more cameras and they will have to revert back to their old life as a working American.

So they do what every other person running from a life as a working American and chasing camera time does: They move to Los Angeles.

CBS revealed the cast of “Survivor: South Pacific” Monday – or at least the 16 players who are new to the game.

As it did for last season’s “Redemption Island” edition, the identities of the two returning players will be kept secret until the initial episode – even though it has been known for months that they are Ozzy Lusth (“Cook Islands,” “Fans vs.

Jim Rice, 35, medical marijuana dispenser, Denver Semhar Tadesse, 24, spoken word artist, Los Angeles Keith Tollefson, 26, water treatment tech, Edina, Minn.


I have to ask, did you ever go to work, work, or leave work sober?


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