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Where the latter are prized for their hammer-like bass and cutting trebles, the DYMR70SB, while loud, produces a balanced tone; the mids don’t have to fight to be heard.

The chords echoed ethereally with lovely sustain, making it perfect, I found, for songs like Tom Petty’s “Free Fallin’,” the Eagle’s “Take It Easy”— particularly that regally strummed G-C-G-Am7 intro—and Gregg Allman’s rhythm guitar part to “Melissa,” in which he demonstrates the healing power of playing open chords up and down the fretboard.

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Also made of ebony are the very distinctive “direct-coupled” bridge (see interview, below) and bridge pins.

The inlays—mother-of-pearl for the headstock, and abalone for the signature Alvarez-Yairi diagonal line gracing the 12th fret and the rosette’s outer circle—are understated but elegant, as is the rosette’s rosewood inner circle.

With its great looks, superior tone, and exquisite construction, the Alvarez-Yairi Masterworks DYMR70SB is one guitar you’ll be proud to bring home to mother.

And since it retails for only $3,699—given the price of boutique instruments in its class, only is the appropriate word—you won’t have to pay an arm, leg, and thumb pick to own it.

The entire system could literally function without glue, since the string tension pulls the block to the top while also holding down the bridge.

The system also increases downward pressure on the saddle, thus increasing sustain, volume, and resonance while creating very clear articulation between the strings.

Sandwiched between the sealer and finish, it allows the top’s golden rays to shine through while adding its own pretty touch to the guitar.

That splendid top is nicely complemented by the guitar’s handsomely grained Indian rosewood back and sides, mahogany neck, and gleaming ebony fingerboard.

Whether you’re a singer-songwriter type, a classic rock player, or a would-be English traditionalist, you’ll find yourself navigating songs like “The Boxer,” “Dear Prudence,” and “Black Mountain Side” with the greatest of ease.

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