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"That’s a conflicting situation for a lot of women,” says Dunn, who was a stay-at-home mom and novelist before creating this series.

"It’s really difficult and it sucks, and even though you choose it, doesn’t make it suck any less."Dunn feels the situation is only made worse by the fact that women aren’t really allowed to be honest about the pressures of motherhood without being judged.

And they often have to do it all while looking a certain way.

“I really think we need to get out of that mind-set.”The way society views the female body — specifically the way women view other women’s bodies — is certainly a topic of conversation on the series.

When we first meet Katie, she’s staring out the window, lamenting how her neighbor “Fat Pam” is moving away, making her — you guessed it — the second fattest housewife in her Westport, Connecticut, town.

is a comedy series that leans heavily on jokes about body size and body image for laughs.

The main character is an overweight stay-at-home mom who laments the fact that she sticks out among her much more slender female peers, and she spends much of her time dwelling on that.

Throughout the first episode, there are jokes aimed at other women, specifically those of the Lululemon set with “flat stomachs and thighs that don’t touch.” But the pilot's main shenanigan finds Katie looking for someone who is bigger than her to move in across the street so she won’t be "vice fattest." Some of the jokes about women’s bodies may rub people the wrong way.

(There's one in the pilot about finding an “urban youth” or someone who looks “terroristy” to keep her neighbor from selling her house, that's also sure to raise eyebrows.) But the show is looking to push the boundaries of what’s acceptable from a female character, portraying one who speaks her mind, even if you don’t agree with her. She says there have been discussions of making Katie more likable.

"I want some woman to say, ‘That’s the story of my life’ and know, ‘I still exist, I’m out there,’" Dunn says.

"They can be proud of their body and of what they’re doing, and they can see themselves on TV.

“The moms are not the stars,” Dunn says of most sitcoms. ” Dunn continues, excitedly making the case for more mom comedies.


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