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Female sexual offenders are more common among juvenile offenders than adult offenders, with approximately 2 percentage points more female juvenile sex offenders than female adult sex offenders.

Sexual violence has been increasingly recognized as a social, rather than strictly individual or family, problem.

Unfortunately, providers and policymakers remain divided on the scope and causes of sexual violence, which limits their capacity to develop theory- and evidence-based responses.

Regression analyses revealed that the most relevant variable in the prediction of sexual aggression was sexual victimisation during adolescence/adulthood in both sexes.

Differences between male and female sexual aggressors are discussed.

The results indicate that prevention of women’s violence requires attention to specific forms of victimization, anger expression, and targets of her aggression.

This article examines female sexual perpetration in the U. To do so, we analyzed data from four large-scale federal agency surveys conducted independently by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Bureau of Justice Statistics in 2008 through 2013.

This study investigates the prevalence of unwanted sexual contact among middle students.

Data are from a sample of 1,371 students attending New York City public middle schools.

We found these data to contradict the common belief that female sexual perpetration is rare.


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