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A similar case of dithranol-induced erythema sparing tinea versicolor-affected skin was previously reported by Shenoy et al., This sign describes the butterfly shaped area of sparing observed over the upper central back, corresponding to the zone that is difficult to reach by hands, in conditions with severe generalized pruritus such as primary biliary cirrhosis and atopic dermatitis.The term refers to the distinctive pattern of sparing of the natural skin folds, resembling the slats of a deck chair originally described in papuloerythroderma of Ofuji.To the area of research methodology, it proposes a novel research design, historical case study.

The model could be refined by applying it to an actual case.

To address these problems, this project dovetails them by asking the following research question: How does the Machtkreislauf model apply to the regional public library system in Pittsburgh?

White or graying hair follicles are commonly spared in AA, and regrowing hair shafts are usually white before they become repigmented.

A possible explanation can be seen in the hypothesis put forward by Paus et al., The author has described four cases in which unrelated dermatoses (viral exanthem, acute generalized exanthematous pustulosis, polymorphous light eruption, and irritant contact dermatitis) spared sites affected with tinea versicolor.

Data interpretation uses qualitative comparative analysis to identify and describe the causal conditions that explain the case’s outcomes.

This project contributes new findings to multiple areas.

Starts: hrs Entrance: 7 euro Works by: Tineke Veenhof, Barbara Meneses, Artemis Lampiri, Alkisti Theophilou, Martina Gudmundson, Manuela Tessi guest Music: Alfredo Genovesi Lights: Ellen Knops Gutarist /electronic musician Alfredo Genovesi writes 7 short pieces for 7 choreographers.

Each choreographer is commissioned a short dance piece to execute on Alfredo’s composition Starts: hrs Ends hrs Entrance: free Concept-choreography: Artemis Lampiri Dance: Silvia Bennett, Or Hakim, Artemis Lampiri and Merel Rozen Live percussion: Robbert van Hulzen A normal, fitting, balanced society creates normal, fitting, balanced people.

14 March (zondag) uur( 40 minuten) 4 euro entrance(Gratis voor kinderen) @ cultureel centrum OT 301( Overtoom 301 1054HW Amsterdam) dans/Maria Mavridou, Merel Rozen, Artemis Lampiri, Or Hakami, Manuela Tessi, Makiko Ito muziek/Michael Moore guests licht/ Ellen Knops “WINTER in LIGHTS”…dance and music performance This is the second performance organized by Magpie umbrella apprentices 2009. This time we bring lights to the piece in more creative and active way under the collaboration with Lighting artist Emese Csornai.

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