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“I just previewed it to all my stores, so we’re going forward with that for January.” Another new announcement from Christian is his company’s association with runway-walker-turned-reality-show-renegade Janice Dickinson.

The pair have teamed up to place Dickenson’s models, from her eponymous modeling agency, in Christian’s clothing.

In addition, he has a list of celebrity clients that includes comedian Alec Mapa and former Queer Eye guy Jai Rodriquez. Why, after 10 years of snipping and clipping, has the Andrew Christian clothing line only recently taken off?

It’s simple, really: Christian became a contender in the Battle of the Bulge.

Still, the 29-year-old Christian oozes sex appeal with the best of ’em. Born and raised in Fresno, California, Christian moved to Los Angeles at age 19.

He is the proprietor of Andrew Christian Inc., the up-and-coming clothier that’s giving Ginch Gonch and other alternative fashion houses a run for their money. They feature taut models in various positions of bare-chested brotherly love, clad in nothing more than a pair of briefs.

“I moved here to go to school for fashion design,” Christian says from the floor of a Las Vegas fashion convention.

“I worked for clothing manufacturers like Kik Wear, and did freelance for Freshjive, while working on my own line on the side.“Show-It Technology just facilitates the ‘bigger is better’ theory.It assists guys in showing off what they have.” Or don’t have, as is sometimes the case. Though the line initially helped secure Andrew Christian a place on the fashion map, Show-It Technology was discontinued just a few short months after its launch.Once a fledgling brand back in the late 1990s, Andrew Christian is now a popular and, more importantly, profitable endeavor that’s outfitting gay America, from its skintight shirt obsession to its super-low-cut skivvies. By now, every in-the-know homo should have stumbled upon the single-shot spots.That’s because they’ve appeared in myriad fag rags from DC to Dallas, New York to Newport. But while these scenes of PG-13 playtime emit an aura of sex and excitement, Christian’s company wasn’t always a label to which consumers flocked.While Christian hopes that eliminating Show-It from his underwear will help generate a greater acceptance of the line, it doesn’t mean he has abandoned all attempts to innovate. Taking what he learned from his initial outing, the buff-bodied designer is launching a new feature in the near future.

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