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The problem for Kali is that she is rescuing the girl on one of the days when she is indestructible. It kills millions outright, and leaves behind the Changed (zombie children who eat those left living), the Awakened (those like Alex who wake up from the blast with added senses and not Changed), and the Survivors (who may or may not still Change).The choice she makes opens much that has been kept from her, a missing mother, monsters bred to destroy, and friends that risk their lives for her. Jaw-dropping plotting skill makes this book really stand out from the rest.

The unexpected ending will surprise and amuse readers. The story itself twists and turns often enough to give the reader an enjoyable form of whiplash. For sixteen years, Claire has known that if she does not remind her parents that she is there that they will forget her. This one is based on an original concept carried one extra step. This is the best shape changer book out in the last few years. Kali D’Angelo is a normal sixteen year old girl; every other day. She learns that the demon is out for revenge and he has chosen her to get it. It has great details of Italian life, and leaves clues that there will definitely be another book as the demon has not been defeated by the end of the book and the reader knows there will eventually be a scary final confrontation. All her plans disappear and in seconds the Earth is changed forever.

Lots of excitement and lots of characters gives this an upper middle school focus. On the days when she is not normal she is an indestructible hunter of the evil that lurks under disguise in the world. Uncomfortable in her new school, she chooses to rescue one of the popular girls when she notices a mark on her skin that means the girl is marked for death by one of the monsters she hunts. She survives the possession through the intercession of relatives she has never met who perform an exorcism, relatives who insist she must return with them to Milan, Italy in order to be safe. The electromagnetic pulse that spreads through the forest and the rest of the world doesn’t care.

This foursome is determined to protect the remaining villagers and keep Gor from finding the death mask. The story is full of vivid description that puts the reader in the middle of the conflicts the foursome encounter. Instead of studying, he chucks it into a secret place and sets about watching over his person, Heidi.

One delightful aspect is reading the thoughts of Firepos set in italic throughout the story. As Heidi grows up she keeps hearing a voice in her head and begins to think that she is mentally ill.

Her details are clever, well developed, and humorous. Digger is a pickpocket and a thief who finds herself thrown in jail.

Jerome and Heidi come alive to the reader with three dimensional characteristics and attributes. Not unusual, but it is the jail most don’t come out of, and she finds herself thrown into a cell with Lord Durrel Decath.

Jeff is the original goofball starting when he was born. A human female alpha of a shifter pack with many other females, in a world short of women in other packs, Bryn’s death would be very convenient.

In this third book in the Goofballs series, four bright kids who love to solve mysteries are asked by rich kid Randall Crandall to save his valuable collection of rare, antique derders from a thief called the Dutchman.

For example, Gwen’s Gulkien “hits the ground at a run, his leathery wings folding into his back in a clatter of dry joints and sinew.” This medieval tale brings to life the battle of good over evil as the team of youth and beasts struggle to overcome Derthsin. The army is led by a dragon masked man riding a black stallion. He is sent to Soul Rehabilitation Program for Nefarious Teens (Deceased) and is given a Guardian Angel’s Handbook and an earthly baby to watch over in order to show that he is good enough for heaven.


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