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For over 13 years, Asia Me has been helping singles find their true love in Asia.

So, we suggest an age difference of no more than about 15 years.

You will have to pull your eyes away from the dazzling photos and take a closer look at what is written in her profile and letters.

Does she want to get a new job or stay home to look after the children?

These are hard questions, but something you would have to face sooner or later.

Now all we have to do is live happily ever after hand in hand, together forever.

Asian women are generally quite open to having an older husband, but a large age gap may lead to problems like family disapproval or trouble in the immigration process.

Please contact [email protected] you have any further concerns. and decided not to renew due to finding a relationship outside of their site.

I am a 19 years old girl that likes old man, I dated a 38 years old man from Ireland and he living in Perth, Australia. I tried to contact him,but he acted like a stupid mother$#*! 8 months later they automatically renewed my account for 3 months and without my authorization charged my credit card. I am currently fighting to get this refunded as I never authorized automation renewal...

We partner with over 100 local dating and matchmaking agencies throughout Asia to connect you with the sincerest, most beautiful Asian woman looking for serious relationships.

Moreover, every member's profile posted on our site has been authenticated with a series of quality controls, including . Just make a Call to talk to your special girl easily with the help of our 3-way phone translation service.

he talked nice and we met in Bali, he took my heart after his charismatic text and I was very trust in him. I was on my last day of period but he still hooked up with me. he lost my virginity at that night () , he didnt wear condom. They use a fradulent process to do this and then do not respond to your dispute..


  1. But even though these seemed like deal-breakers to me when the app was announced, after using it for a few days, I'd argue that they're secondary features to what Duo is trying to be: an instantaneous way for you to get in touch with someone else as if you were near them.

  2. All our numbers are so cheap, you can relax and stay a while!

  3. With the start of 2009, he became linked with Taylor Bagley; she is one of the famous models in United States.

  4. If she happens to be fashionable, independent and making her own money, then by golly she is the complete package. It’s 2016 and women are JUST as visual as us men are. Basically every dating blog and website you come across likes to tell you that looks don’t matter.

  5. Our assortment of live gay guys are always horny and wanting to chat with like minded dudes.

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