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Junkanoo which is celebrated on December 25 and New Years Day, is a major cultural festival and a celebration of life and freedom.The Bahamians start the party/parade at 1 am wearing elaborate costumes made of paper and making music with cowbells and goat skin drums. Arlene Nash Ferguson, founder of the museum, has been celebrating Junkanoo since she was 4 years old and has a deep passion for ensuring that this tradition lives on.Cabbage, fried grouper, crab and grits, Bahamian style chicken, beans and rice, and spicy mac and cheese for dinner.

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Without the pressures of everyday life on our shoulders, our level of intimacy and affection increased.

A vacation in The Island of the Bahamas is perfect for a romantic getaway. Do you and your spouse becoming more loving when you are on vacation?

It made me think of how blessed I was to have my family and my loving husband.

When we are on vacation, Lamar’s “sweetie-pieness” kicks into full gear.

And on Friday night, we had dinner at a Fish Fry restaurant in the Arawak Cay area.

I ate the most delicious fried snapper that I have ever tasted!! Many people in our party didn’t order the fried fish because it came with the head on.

I am not a foodie so my description of just how delicious the food was is not going to do it justice.

But I had to opportunity to taste many Bahamian dishes: conch fritters (prepared several different ways), guava cake, grouper prepared several different ways, and the freshest lobster and fried shrimp you ever want to eat!!!

But I am a country girl from the Tidewater area of VA.


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