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When a new word gets added to your flashcard list, it will have the English definition, pinyin, audio pronunciation, and example sentences on one side and the Chinese on the other side.If you’ve already set your study goal, when you’re ready to study your flashcards, just tap Learn on the Dashboard.[Hint: Type "v" for "ü"] The Written Chinese elves have been busy behind the scenes again, updating the Written Chinese Dictionary.

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Each day when you visit the dashboard, you’ll see ‘Words to Learn’ and ‘Words to Review’.

You can track your study sessions and progress by tapping the ‘graph’ icon in the top-right hand corner.

You can easily set your study goal from the Dashboard.

Once you have selected your flashcard set, choose a date you wish to complete your goal and select your study options.

Go to the flashcard set you want to review from the Study tab and select one of the lists.

You can study completely ‘unmastered’ words, ‘learned’ words and your ‘mastered’ words that you have completed via your study goal.

When you’re studying your flashcards, you might come across words you already know perfectly.

To remove the word from your list, just tap the red ‘IT’S TOO EASY’ button and you won’t see it again.

Try it out to see how beautifully it translates a Chinese menu for you. Once see the translation, you can tap the “Look it Up” button to get more information about the characters and to add them to your flashcard list to study later.


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