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I replaced my sear spring with a lighter one for around and and my trigger went from about 6lbs down to about 2 to 2 1/2 lbs.

interesting, I like the sound of a cheap swap of the spring (seeing that I have been eating a lot of raman noodles to afford this shotgun). I guess I assumed a spring kit as the 870 doesn't seem conducive to a drop-in trigger group unless they plan to replace the whole assembly.

From the shoulder I am way way more accurate with open sights.

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So I recently purchased a new Remington 870 SPS Super Slug: I absolutely love this shotgun, out of the box I was shooting sub 2" groups at 100yrds with 2-3/4" hasting slugs (~5mph crosswind). I picked up Leupold Ultimate Slam 40mm 3-9x MZ/shotgun scope.

I did not think shotguns could do this, I'm still amazed by it (seems like old news reading around this forum). Anyway, I like to tinker as many of you do and got to thinking how cool it would be to hit (paper only of course) something at 200-300yrds with a slug (keeping under a 5" group). It has hold points for sabot rounds from 50 to 300yrds.

According to them it is there worst selling part but they found a customer in me. The 1" diameter heavy barrel Remington put on the superslug is very different then the normal tapered slug barrel the versa-pod adapter was designed to work with.

Not discouraged I took it to the lathe and remove 3/64" of material: I originally took off 1/32" but it still hit the wield: I reblued the part and it is still very solid: While versa-pod wasn't my first choice it still seems to be a decent well made bi-pod.

In case anyone is interested, I think it's natchez that has that remington stock and forearm set on sale, black synthetic for less than $50, camo available for a bit more.

The one I held in the store awhile back, I really liked the stock quite a bit and have been contemplating getting one for my 870.

I have always been a rifle person never really big into shotguns.

Lately, however I thought it would be best to get s slug gun so I could legally hunt below the shotgun/rifle line in Michigan.

However, if you don't, and you raise your scope to adjust for the high impact caused by shooting with the bipod..means that you are virtually guaranteed to be shooting low once you try shooting with it normally in the field.

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