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There is not even the slightest scratch on the rare tanzanite African gem. This 14 karat yellow and white gold creation was likely made around 30 years ago.

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An alternative superstition is that the ends should point down to sprinkle luck on those that pass below the horseshoe. The true precious white metal is not silver or white gold, it’s platinum.

The ring has been well made from 4.8 grams of 10 karat gold and currently measures a finger size 9 with room to adjust up or down as needed. Much whiter than white gold, no need for rhodium plating, more dense and heavy than even pure gold, more resistant to chemicals and most of all it’s incredibly durable.

A staple for any equestrian in need of some good luck.

The warm yellow gold horse head profile is very detailed, sculpted in heavy relief.

3 good quality sapphires exhibit the deep royal blue that compliments yellow gold so well.

6 small round brilliant cut diamonds act as a sparkling contrast to the sapphires.

Accenting the horse is a bright white gold 16.8mm long and 14.80mm wide horseshoe covered with 0.25 carats of I1-HI round brilliant cut diamonds.

Now some may argue this horseshoe is in the unlucky position as the most common opinion is that the ends must point up to collect luck.

The size 8 ring can easily be made up to 3 sizes smaller. Maybe it’s the pressures of the big day looming overhead, making wedding band shopping just another task to check off of the never ending to-do list.


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