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Russell is a wonderful wildlife warrior," Bindi added. For sure." What Bindi shared next will make your heart grown ten sizes.

"He was a dear friend of Dad's, now a dear friend of ours. "My dad is still very much my mum's soul mate," she said.

that the romance rumors couldn't be more false."There's a lot of crazy rumors," the .

While her mom and Russell have a long history of friendship (they're both deeply committed to preserving the environment, much like Steve was), there's nothing romantic going on."You know we do love Russell, but Mum and Russell aren't actually in love!

"We're really enjoying the moment, adventuring around the world and having fun. "The 19-year-old certainly is plenty busy — she currently works at the Australia Zoo, but also frequently travels the world saving endangered animals just like her late father.

And of course Chandler, 21, is right there with her through it all.

Steve, who was famous for being "The Crocodile Hunter," tragically passed away eleven years ago after being stung in the heart by a stingray while filming an underwater documentary.

While nobody would fault Terri for finding love with someone new, her daughter Bindi made it very clear in a recent interview with E!

It is not permitted to use photocopies of the said Card.

Bindi informs Card holders of personal initiatives, or of any other activities reserved for them, by e-mail or sms communications, or exhibited at Bindi outlets.

The Bindi Club Card is strictly personal and can only be used by its owner.

To benefit from promotions, the holder has to present the Bindi Club Card at the cash register before a receipt is issued.

"Mum [Terri Irwin] and Robert and I have talked about that a lot.

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