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Get Out from earlier this year, for example, managed 153 fresh reviews before its first rotten one.Lady Bird details the senior year of high school of Christine 'Lady Bird' Mc Pherson, a somewhat rebellious Catholic school teenager who desperately wants to leave her hometown of Sacramento, California for the East Coast.'Lady Bird' (a name the character says is 'given to me, by me') frequently clashes with her equally strong-willed mother, Marion, played by Laurie Metcalf.People go into the device and are turned into sand for easy shipping around the world where they are then reconstituted into people using another of Morgus’ devices.

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The characters' complicated but ultimately deeply loving relationship provides the major crux of the film.'There aren't that many movies about the mother-daughter relationship and it's such a rich, beautiful, complicated thing,' Gerwig told Reuters.

Otherwise, the film goes through the trials and tribulations of the transformative year, with Lady Bird embarking on relationships with two suitors (played by Lucas Hedges and Timothée Chalamet), making new friends and losing old ones and applying to college.

It is slowly being rolled out across the country and as of this past Thanksgiving weekend was playing in 791 theaters.

Box office analysts expect the film will display longevity over the holiday season, particularly as its awards momentum picks up.

Lady Bird is expected to be a major awards contender, particularly for its screenplay and its two main actresses.

Last week, it was announced as a candidate for the Independent Spirit Awards' best picture, along with Call Me by Your Name, The Florida Project, Get Out and The Rider.

For the next half-century Morgus would delight monster kids (and their kids and grandkids) in his home city of New Orleans as well as New York and Detroit via syndication.

Greetings, friends of science and members of the higher order!

It’s Juliet, proud to report for blogging duty to talk about this very special horror host that was part of my family’s late night movie experience as Rotten Ink brings you Horror Host Icon: Morgus the Magnificent.

Momus Alexander Morgus was descended from a long line of scientists dating all the way back to Morgus the First who it is said was the architect of the Great Pyramid.

The Saoirse Ronan-starring Lady Bird has become the most universally well-reviewed film in the history of critical aggregation site Rotten Tomatoes.


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