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Is there even Like me back then, you probably answered no. They are not [insert your ex’s name here] and that’s the only person you want in your life.

The one thing I did right was think about what to do right after to help me heal. Avoid checking up on him on Facebook or hanging out in the same places. Set a time in the distant future to talk about that. Either you’ll hook back up and break up again or you’ll end up hating each other. I still have gifts my ex gave me, but at first, I put them all out of sight.

I rearranged my schedule so I’d have several days just to lock myself away and play music. Just stay away and give yourself time to get over him.

Or at least for the first time in my life I felt the highest sense of romance and emotions that combined to give me what I thought was love. When the breakup happened, all of that disappeared. That’s why the first breakup always sucks the most. Things that used to amuse you or make you go, “Wow! A breakup is hard, but it’s not the end of life and there’re things you can do for yourself to make it that much easier. The pain is already there and wondering about it is going to be a waste of time. You did after all, just go through a heartfelt relationship with someone you taught you love, and only you know how special that was.

We were going to get married and we started laughing as we came up with stupid names for our kids. And there was no possibility of them being revived ever again. Forget about feeling so low in life; life isn’t meant for you to feel so sad or even depressed. That means to say, don’t be asking why does it hurt so much or what did you do to deserve such pain.

After my first breakup, for the first time in my life I started a journal and took walks in the park alone. So, to distract yourself, you absolutely have to yourself to. Breakup or not, I’ve always been quite an angry person. So please, for the sake of your well-being, escape from it all! I erected a huge banner in the front yard declaring my love and littering her driveway with love notes and flowers.

Fight all the bad feelings, get off your ass and just try something. Being pissed over little things and wishing bad karma on my wrongdoers. Alcoholic beverages gives me that little buzz and high that makes me feel good about myself and that everything in this world is okay. But the pain of that heartbreak did motivate me to make the conscious decisions to be complete in myself.

You know, looking at his picture or watching a video of the two of you over and over again. Trust me that the pain you’re feeling now will end. Just like with any pain or ache, it’s going to take time.

Just don’t do things that prevent the healing process. It might feel better in a few weeks or it may take a few months or more.

I’m talking answering with all the stability and emotional control you’ve, because you’re a good and sensible person. You have to know that there may be a mismatch of value between you and that person. And it’s all because they look back and disregard the fact that a better future with someone more awesome exists. I personally recognize my pain, and I know I don’t want any of that. I’m friends with them only when I know I’m totally fine and ready. Which is kind of annoying because it means you’ve to wait, all in your shitty state. Totally not douchey, sexy and not sexist, check out what they have to say! Because I know who I am, I blame no one, and take responsibility for my part in things — even if its something simple like “Welll, I put up with a crazy person and ignored the warning signs — my bad.” 😀I’m Benjamin, a Swagger Coach, video artist, and adventurer.


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