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For The extension files are compressed with the inflate algorithm.

Command line argument defaults and some Ruby Gems defaults can be set in a ~/.gemrc file for individual users and a gemrc in the SYSTEM CONFIGURATION DIRECTORY for all users.

Unfortunately, I now no longer recall what I intended to write.

The answer (or at least part of the answer) is buried deep in the Ruby Gems mail archive.

Only the values provided in the array 'values' are compared and will be updated.

Example: ---- ------- -------- ----------- ------------ | id | name | value | timestamp | updated_at | ---- ------- -------- ----------- ------------ | 0 | name1 | value1 | t1 | t1 | | 1 | name2 | value2 | t1 | t1 | | 2 | name3 | value3 | t1 | t1 | ---- ------- -------- ----------- ------------ ---- ------- ---------- ----------- ------------ | id | name | value | timestamp | updated_at | ---- ------- ---------- ----------- ------------ | 0 | name1 | value1.1 | t1 | t2 | | 1 | name2 | value2 | t1 | t1 | | 3 | name4 | value4.1 | t2 | t2 | ---- ------- ---------- ----------- ------------ (default is 100).

After these amount of records, the SQL is sent to the database.

First, a temp-table will be created with the same structure as the original table.

slave:~# gem install god Bulk updating Gem source index for: Building native extensions. ERROR: Error installing god: ERROR: Failed to build gem native extension./usr/bin/ruby1.8 install god extconf.rb:1:in `require’: no such file to load – mkmf (Load Error) from extconf.rb:1 Gem files will remain installed in /var/lib/gems/1.8/gems/god-0.7.8 for inspection.

, lib/elasticsearch/api/actions/mlt.rb, lib/elasticsearch/api/actions/bulk.rb, lib/elasticsearch/api/actions/info.rb, lib/elasticsearch/api/actions/mget.rb, lib/elasticsearch/api/actions/ping.rb, lib/elasticsearch/api/actions/count.rb, lib/elasticsearch/api/actions/index.rb, lib/elasticsearch/api/actions/create.rb, lib/elasticsearch/api/actions/delete.rb, lib/elasticsearch/api/actions/exists.rb, lib/elasticsearch/api/actions/scroll.rb, lib/elasticsearch/api/actions/search.rb, lib/elasticsearch/api/actions/update.rb, lib/elasticsearch/api/actions/explain.rb, lib/elasticsearch/api/actions/msearch.rb, lib/elasticsearch/api/actions/reindex.rb, lib/elasticsearch/api/actions/suggest.rb, lib/elasticsearch/api/actions/benchmark.rb, lib/elasticsearch/api/actions/percolate.rb, lib/elasticsearch/api/actions/field_caps.rb, lib/elasticsearch/api/actions/get_script.rb, lib/elasticsearch/api/actions/get_source.rb, lib/elasticsearch/api/actions/mpercolate.rb, lib/elasticsearch/api/actions/put_script.rb, lib/elasticsearch/api/actions/field_stats.rb, lib/elasticsearch/api/actions/termvectors.rb, lib/elasticsearch/api/actions/clear_scroll.rb, lib/elasticsearch/api/actions/get_template.rb, lib/elasticsearch/api/actions/mtermvectors.rb, lib/elasticsearch/api/actions/put_template.rb, lib/elasticsearch/api/actions/delete_script.rb, lib/elasticsearch/api/actions/search_exists.rb, lib/elasticsearch/api/actions/search_shards.rb, lib/elasticsearch/api/actions/abort_benchmark.rb, lib/elasticsearch/api/actions/count_percolate.rb, lib/elasticsearch/api/actions/delete_by_query.rb, lib/elasticsearch/api/actions/delete_template.rb, lib/elasticsearch/api/actions/list_benchmarks.rb, lib/elasticsearch/api/actions/search_template.rb, lib/elasticsearch/api/actions/update_by_query.rb, lib/elasticsearch/api/actions/msearch_template.rb, lib/elasticsearch/api/actions/render_search_Perform multiple index, delete or update operations in a single request.

All new, changed and deleted records are handled by Active Record.

This ensures, all callbacks get executed as defined.

The archive contains over 1,600 articles written over a ten year period.


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