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Comedic highlights: the gag where Phyllis tells Mary she’s pregnant (see the screen capture above) and the bit between Mary and Mother Dexter (in which each one tries to shock the other). 03) Episode 32: “The Wrong Box” (Aired: 11/08/76) There’s a mix-up when Phyllis has Lars’ body shipped from Minneapolis.Written by Earl Pomerantz | Directed by James Burrows What a strange episode!The comedy continues, however, when Phyllis tries to redo the funeral with a crowd of uninterested guests.

05) Episode 35: “Mother Dexter Cohabitates” (Aired: 12/06/76) Mother Dexter moves in with her boyfriend.

Written by Glen Charles & Les Charles | Directed by Tony Mordente This is the first of a two-episode arc that sees Mother Dexter married off to Burt Mustin’s Arthur, a character introduced in last season’s “Honor Thy Mother Dexter.” (Of course, by the time these two episodes aired, Lowry had already passed.) In this installment, the family is shocked to learn that the geriatric lovebirds have decided to live together out of wedlock because she refuses to marry him.

Phyllis attempts to intervene, but it isn’t until Bess manages to propose a logical and compelling argument that Mother Dexter changes her mind.

The funniest stuff occurs at the end when Mother Dexter admits that Arthur is not her first. 06) Episode 36: “Mother Dexter’s Wedding” (Aired: 12/13/76) Phyllis forgets to pick up Mother Dexter for her wedding.

Unfortunately, it’s not nearly as promising as last season’s initial debut, but it at least presents us with a handful of laughs.

02) Episode 26: “You’re Not Getting Better, Just Older” (Aired: 09/27/76) Phyllis tricks Mary into coming for a visit.

But this development was never to be explored, as the series was cancelled at the end of the year.

Truthfully, the season is no worse than ‘s third (which aired concurrently), but the city supervisor concept doesn’t work, and Phyllis’ growing lack of definition spoils the show from ever clicking.

But then, three weeks before the end of the season, the series is given a jolt when Bess elopes.

The final three episodes, in which Phyllis runs around in utter shock, presents a new and fascinating dynamic — especially when Bess announces her pregnancy in the finale.

On the home front, Jonathan and Audrey are still underused (Rose was apparently ill, and she looks it — especially in the beginning of the season), while Mother Dexter continues to be milked for all her comedic worth. Two weeks before CBS aired Mother Dexter’s wedding, actress Judith Lowry passed away.

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