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A life-threatening disease, hepatitis C cuts across gender, racial, and economic borders as the most common blood-borne viral infection in the United States.

Upward of 5 million Americans – about one in 50 – are infected with chronic hep C.

Everyone was supposed to write down 10 words that defined them.

I guess I’m lucky, because nearly everyone my age has been vaccinated.”Her first partner didn’t care and assumed he had been.

(That’s not very reassuring, I told her.) The second one, refreshingly cautious in one so young, dug out his immunization papers just to make sure.

She attended a college that mandated hepatitis B immunization in all students.

She never told her college roommates about her infection, but trained since youth, she was careful to cover any cuts with bandages and not share razors, earrings or nail clippers.

These are the first WHO guidelines on testing for chronic HBV and HCV infection and complement published guidance by WHO on the prevention, care and treatment of chronic hepatitis C and hepatitis B infection.

These guidelines outline the public health approach to strengthening and expanding current testing practices for HBV and HCV, and are intended for use across age groups and populations.

Read more Learn more In September 2012, Médecins Sans Frontières, the Open Society Foundations and Treatment Action Group, joined forces with activists, researchers, UN and government representatives to identify priority issues, share information and develop strategies to overcome the barriers that prevent access to HCV treatment in developing countries, both today and in the future...

When my daughter, who has chronic hepatitis B, packed for her freshman year of college, I peppered her with warnings about the need for standard precautions and condoms.

"My liver wasn't in as bad a shape as many people's, but it's still scarred." In 1998, Crooks talked about his battle with hep C to Chronicle writer Greg Beets (see "The Growing Chorus," August 21, 1998).

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