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This would have taken place in 2240 BC, when the Druids were leading Britons in worship at Stonehenge, and a hundred years after vizier Hemiunu had completed Pharaoh Khufu’s Great Pyramid at Gizeh.

There is no evidence whatsoever for a three thousand mile wide separation of the continents in historic time.

Bro Alan Eyre is well known to many in the community. In 2015, in response to anti evolution articles in many of our publications (particularly The Christadelphian Magazine) he released an open letter which among other things asserts: Alan Eyre 20 September 2015 In July 2015 a series of professionally made “science” videos was shown at an ecclesia in the Birmingham area (UK) which purported to demonstrate that modern, recent, scientific astronomy had “proven” that the solar system and the entire known Universe were only approximately six thousand years old, thus supporting the “young earth creation” concept.

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Fossils that might be considered “missing links” are indeed “meagre”, and there are a few sensational finds like the coelacanth and stromatolites that are virtually identical with living animals.

But there is no “embarrassment” about the fact that an overwhelming proportion of fossils represent extinct forms of life, usually long extinct.

And since then, millions upon millions of fossils have been found, studied and stored.

Many thousands are being discovered every day all over the world.

The continents are splitting at a rate of three meters per century and we can date each crack easily and precisely, going back several million years before present.

Surprisingly, John Morris states that “fossils are highly exceptional phenomena”.

It is in fact a geophysical impossibility without totally destroying the earth itself.

We can see exactly how rapidly the separation is taking place today by taking a flight to Iceland and watching the split occurring, with fountains of lava and long cracks in the earth’s thin crust.

He quotes Charles Darwin’s assertion that the absence of a chain of “intermediate” fossils linking genera, which he knew would disprove his theory of evolution, was due to “the extreme imperfection of the geological record”.

But Darwin was wrong about the fossil record even in his day.

As an academic palaeontologist early in my professional career, I can say that this allegation is absolutely untrue, and borders on an insult to thousands of careful scientists, many of them practising Bible Christians, including some of my own colleagues.


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