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However, the earliest direct evidence of the practice comes from ancient Egypt in the form of pictures and texts dating from 4,500 - 5,000 years ago.Egyptian circumcision had a religious significance; only circumcised men could perform some religious rites and study certain mysteries, but is seems to have been common among the general population.A Danish man reflects on being circumcised in a country where circumcision is rare, and a man considering circumcision does a brilliant job of virtually imaging his dick with four different circumcision styles. A Kenyan-born English boy gets circumcised to avoid the risk of being forcibly done by traditional, crude methods if he returns to visit his original homeland.

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An essential initiatory rite of Judaism and the Coptic branch of the Christian Church, male circumcision is also an obligation for Muslims, signifying cleanliness and purification.

It has been, and often still is, a traditional practice of societies around the globe.

It must be clearly understood that the owner, editor, artist and volunteer helpers who administer this web site are totally opposed to all forms of Female Genital Mutilation.

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This makes male circumcision the most commonly performed surgical procedure on the planet.

Furthermore, and especially in the light of recent medical discoveries, many adult males who did not benefit from infant circumcision are considering having this procedure performed despite it being more complex to do post-puberty. Take time to explore the many interesting and educational areas of this web site.

Since the late 19th century circumcision has also been carried out for its health and cleanliness benefits.

In the English speaking countries circumcision became very popular for these reasons; it has now become routine in Korea and is gaining in popularity in China.

The term female circumcision properly refers to a surgical procedure in which the hood over the female's clitoris (the clitoral prepuce) is removed - and nothing more.

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