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When Jensen and Jared reunite, Jensen tries to answer the ultimate question. Jensen is Captain of the smuggling ship Persephone.

Christian kane dating 2016

Se puede leer como original, sin necesidad de conocer nada del fandom.

He escogido a estos actores para "interpretar" a mis personajes, pero se trata de una historia original con worldbuilding propio.

Including, making a deal with millionaire Jensen Ackles, without taking into account what his son wants or needs.

Of course, there will always be the bad guy who turns everything upside down - enter Tahmoh Penikett. When Jensen was in high school he met and fell in love with a certain Jared. Years later Jensen is sent on an undercover case to investigate a group of assassins and meets someone who looks suspciously like his childhood friend.

It makes him unique, but he has been teased throughout his young life and with the death of his mother, it drove him to silence.

His father, Jeffrey Dean Morgan will do anything in his power to see his son happy again.No se permite la publicación de esta historia en ninguna otra plataforma sin mi autorización.(Relato registrado en safe creative para evitar plagios).The result is a bar-band record with several slow-dance moments, including a faithful version of Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car.” Kane could stand to work on his vocals -- during his saucier moments, he gets almost cartoonishly throaty -- but the strength of the material shows he has his head in the right place.Jared Padalecki es el tipico Cowboy que toma lo que quiere y cuendo lo quiere, pero a lo que se refiere a afecto real no sabe como pedirlo o adquirirlo y sus intentos por acercamiento solo terminan en sexo salvaje, no es que le desagrade, paso toda su vida durmiendo con el que le plazca y diciendo la verdad de frente por mas que lastime, pero algo falta en el y esta apunto de ser quebrarlo.Misha e Ian Collins son los ultimos lobos puros ibericos del planeta, luego de un incidente fatal natural de las planicies de Rurmansk Rusia, huyen a Vancouvert en busca de pareja humana al estar Hartos de los asedios de su especie, con la esperanza de resurgir con una manada numerosa en el nuevo continente.


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