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A 15-year-old girl who was abducted in 2013 and spent four weeks in captivity under Boko Haram said she was raped by a man she was forced to wed.

I was told to hold the bullets and lie in the grass while they fought.

They came to me for extra bullets as the fight continued during the day.

Rape and sexual violence Forced labour, forced marriage and forced participation in military operations are widespread. The report uncovered eight cases of sexual violence among those interviewed.

Most rapes happened after the victims were forced to marry.

In some cases, Boko Haram insurgents took advantage of the absence of commanders.

But in most instances the sexual assaults occured once the victims had been forced to 'marry'.

Human Rights Watch has spoken to 30 people who were abducted by Boko Haram in the last year and 16 who witnessed abductions.

The victims either escaped, or were released by the Islamist group.

“On that day, the leader handed us green colored hijabs, gave us new Muslim names, and instructed the other women in the camp to daily teach us Arabic words.

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