Coldfusion dating script

I was looking at your portfolio and liked the lighting on your models.

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(more...) D’s Bakery We require a 3D artist to create a bakery design proposal within 10 days.

This proposal is going to be submitted for leasing company for rent approval. (more...) Good afternoon, I am currently seeking a 3D artist who has the ability to create interactive platforms that can be published onto my website.

(more...) Hi, I will have point cloud data obtained from static/kinematic scanning completed by surveyors.

I need to generate a 3D engineering model using the point cloud data of an underground rail network...

Solutie management contractori in constructii - ASP.

NET - Dezvoltat ~2010 cu Infragistics - integrari cu sisteme de facturare... Solutie management contractori in constructii - ASP. (more...) Need someone to screen capture an Iphone App. There are a couple of ways to record your Iphone screen.

(more...) one of my website\'s key features is allowing users to create and personalize their own 3D images online.

Characters can be created providing their own physical dimensions, and can also be customized by...

(more...) I have a 3d building which needs to be textured and lit in a photorealistic way.

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