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Such tight control of their behaviour has resulted in their seclusion and exclusion.

Some citizens are challenging the government through acts of civil resistance (knowingly breaking the law) because the restrictions are much more authoritarian and paternalistic than what many Iranians desire and believe is true to Islam.

This ensures that the household’s name is not implicated with trouble and their honour is protected.

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One usually turns immediately to family for assistance and may tell their problems and issues only to their family members.

Individuals then keep any information surrounding troubles within the family circle away from public knowledge.

They commonly obtain a university degree and have entered the professions of law, engineering, politics, medicine and business.

According to Nation Master, females made up over 60% of the overall Iranian student body in 2012.

These relationships can provide support, guidance, employment opportunities or help navigating bureaucracies.

Being a collectivist society, people in Iran show very strong loyalty to their family.

As such, women are expected to cover up anything that could be considered an erotic provocateur to avoid unwanted public attention – i.e. Iranian women have traditionally been some of the most liberal in their interpretation of the hijab, often wearing a ‘shayla’ significantly looser than what is customary in most other Muslim cultures.

This changed as the Islamic Republic legally enforced the separation of genders and placed extreme restrictions on women.

Across most households, elders are deeply respected and cared for.

When an elder family member’s husband or wife dies, they will usually move into the house of one of their children.

Ultimately, a woman’s independence and freedom to make choices for herself (i.e.

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