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Carol then asked J if she could take me for another dance and on J’s approval Carol grabbed my hand and to the dance floor.The record was slow and Carol came in close to me and asked me to give her a running commentary of what Pete was doing while we were dancing, she was obviously enjoying the thrill as much as I was.On arriving at our place J showed her drunkenness by kicking off her shoes and putting the stereo on, the songs were slow and she danced alone for a few minutes.

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The fast songs started up again and we went to sit down, soon followed by J and Pete, this time Pete sat directly next to J and rested his hand on her thigh.

Carol and I were sat opposite and it became a game where Carol would whisper to me that I should watch what Pete would do next and she suggested that his hand would slowly move further up J’s leg , sure enough and very slowly his hand edged up her thigh and took the edge of her skirt with it and J seemed oblivious to his motives.

The parties are usually very social and the drink flows very freely.

J my wife has not worked there long and as such is very shy and had asked me to go and keep her company.

I happened to glance across at J and Pete and noticed he was holding J very close to his body and his hand had slipped to the top of her butt where he motioned it round and round, all the time getting lower.

J had her eyes closed and seemed content with the attention.

Pete and Carol were good fun and despite my protestations we took to the dance-floor on a few occasions and it was during the second instance we swapped partners for a dance.

I couldn’t help but notice that Pete was very tactile and often touched J’s arm and back for longer than I felt was necessary.

I feel compelled to share a story that is completely true, it is based on a recent event that involved my wife getting very drunk during a works party.

I am sorry if it is too long but having tried to abbreviate the events that led up to her behaviour, I felt it lost the full voyeuristic theme.

Carol was quite open that she had ignored Pete’s ways for many years because she realised that she was very turned on by his antics and had watched many times, often from a distance, Pete getting intimate with other mens wives and girlfriends.

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