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J is a very young looking 45, blonde, small but well formed pert breasts and a very lean size 10 figure.

The evening arrived and we duly went along to the venue and once we had drinks in hand, made our way to sit with J’s friend (Carol) and her husband (Pete).

Carol was quite open that she had ignored Pete’s ways for many years because she realised that she was very turned on by his antics and had watched many times, often from a distance, Pete getting intimate with other mens wives and girlfriends.

Carol described him as a predator and that I should be aware that every time he went to get drinks he was probably buying J doubles to enable his predatory ways to succeed.

Carol relayed a couple of quick stories that told me that dear old Pete was a real lothario.

Carol and I got on very well but although found the whole situation very erotic we didn’t feel any attraction to each other , other than a shared enjoyment of voyeurism.

As soon as we got in the kitchen I opened the serving hatch a little and Carol standing in front of me, bent forward to allow me to see over her head.

Pete wasted no time and was holding J very tightly, he moved his hand under her chin and placed his lips to hers and despite a minor rejection at first within seconds she responded.

Adult Contacts – 1on1 Sex – Dirty Dates, I asked Carol if she wanted to enjoy the situation a little more and suggested that we should perhaps manufacture a night cap at our house and try to give them the opportunity to see how far it would go. J and Pete were in deep conversation and I could tell from J’S speech she was getting very drunk and could not resist Pete’s charms and indeed seemed oblivious to the fact that he had his hand within inches of her knickers while they talked.

Carol asked Pete if he was ready to make a move home and he immediately called her a party pooper and indicated he wanted to stay out longer and immediately got J’s approval.

Pete didn’t waste time and his hand was very close to J’s groin and her thighs very exposed and I relayed this to Carol as we swayed and again I could feel myself getting very hard.

My erection didn’t go unnoticed by Carol and she looked me in the eye and said I can feel you are enjoying the view but laughed and gave me some re-assurance that the longer we stayed away the more daring Pete was likely to get, I continued to give her my account of Pete’s progress.

The fast songs started up again and we went to sit down, soon followed by J and Pete, this time Pete sat directly next to J and rested his hand on her thigh.

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