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The main reason he does so is to prevent you from thinking that he is interested in you just because he feels insecure.Ill start by rejecting you before you do it that's how many arrogant people think!

I know that you might start to think of other examples where people become arrogant even though they didn't care about the approval of others.

In such a case read part II of this article to understand what else can make a person arrogant.

We were in a public place and suddenly this very attractive girl came in.

Whenever her eyes met the eyes of any other person she smiled to him gently.

One remedy to this, which I often recommend to men (and women), is to experience living alone for at least one year. Men who provide, create, and experience are attractive.

When you live alone, and support yourself fully, you become quite acquainted with your own imperfections. Men who have their own hobbies, friends, interests, and passions are attractive because they are living their own life.

Because he thinks that way he becomes friendly with most people unless someone forces him to do the opposite.

The girl in the previous example felt completely secure and that's why she was friendly with almost everyone.

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