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They originate from several distributors, including American Public Television (APT), National Educational Telecommunications Association (NETA) and the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS). As a non-profit entity, your public TV station depends on "viewers like you" help bring channels like Create and other informative programming to your community.

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Contact your local public television station and let the staff know you’d like to see Create. As of July 1, 2016, viewers in parts of Toronto, Canada, may be able to receive Create via WNED/Buffalo.

Why does the national Create schedule differ from my local schedule?

I can't customize the website to my local station's schedule. Currently, we are experiencing system issues with our schedule service provider.

For this reason, you may not able to customize the Create schedule based on your location.

Create is also available on most cable television systems.

Visit Create or check with your local public TV station, local cable or IPTV provider to find your local Create channel.To receive Create "over-the-air," you will need: 1.A TV antenna: an inexpensive circular or rabbit ears model to place near the set. An A/B switch to allow you to switch back and forth from satellite to local broadcast reception. A digital converter box, but only if you still have an older analog tv set.About Create TV More often called “ do-it-yourself”, the program genres seen on Create TV include viewers' favorite public television series and specials on cooking, travel, home improvement, gardening, arts and crafts, and other lifestyle interests.The programs seen on Create TV come from American Public Television, The National Educational Telecommunications Association (NETA) and Public Broadcasting Service (PBS).On any given day, Create treats home-improvement buffs to This Old House and Rough Cut — Woodworking with Tommy Mac.


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