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More information is available in the Cornell Chronicle.Human Resources has begun applying a new definition of credited service that has replaced Human Resources Policy 6.8.1, Credited Service, and the Break in Service section of Policy 6.9, Time Away From Work.This tour will give you an introduction to Cornell's history, its seven undergraduate colleges and schools, student life, athletics, and some legend and tradition.

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Under this new approach, all non-student, benefits-eligible service is credited regardless of breaks in service.

The summation of credited service does not include student employment, time during a break in service, time on indefinite layoff status, University Leave of Absence, casual appointments, or time in most temporary non-benefits eligible positions.

Many of our visitors are prospective undergraduate or graduate students.

If you're thinking of applying to Cornell (or if you already have) we recommend spending at least a half-day visiting the Ithaca campus, attending an information session or campus tour.

(Subscribe via: Google, i Cal, Outlook, RSS.) For complete semester start-up information visit: Cornell University Campus Life and the Office of the University Registrar.

The 2018--20 calendars have been revised as announced on July 13, 2017.

At Cornell you'll experience the traditional college campus: eateries, residence halls, academic buildings, libraries, and research facilities.

But its natural beauty—the nearby lake, natural waterfalls, and gardens—set the campus apart from others in the Ivy League.

A complete overview of the credited service definition is available on the Human Resources website.


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