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The Coliseum is jointly owned by the state of California, Los Angeles County, City of Los Angeles and managed and operated by the Auxiliary Services Department of the University of Southern California.

From 1959 to 2016, the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena was located adjacent to the Coliseum; the Sports Arena was closed in March 2016 and demolished between August and October 2016.

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The facility has a permanent seating capacity of 93,607 for USC football and Rams games, making it the largest football stadium in the Pac-12 Conference and the NFL.

The stadium is located in Exposition Park and across the street from USC.

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The Olympic Cauldron (also known as the Olympic Torch) was built for the stadium's two Olympic Games.

It is still lit during the fourth quarter of USC football games, at the beginning of Los Angeles Rams games, and other special occasions (e.g., when the Olympics are being held in another city).

Additionally, it has served as a home field for a number of other teams, including the Los Angeles Raiders of the NFL, and UCLA Bruins football.

It was declared a National Historic Landmark on July 27, 1984, the day before the opening ceremony of the 1984 Summer Olympics.

Once completed the capacity will go from about 94,000 to 77,500 and the project includes replacing every seat in the stadium along with the addition of luxury boxes and club suites.

The Coliseum is now primarily the home of the USC Trojans football team and the home of the Los Angeles Rams (until their new stadium is completed).

appointed by the three ownership interests and meets on a monthly basis, provides public oversight of the master lease agreement with USC.


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