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With million in funding, Bitstrips launched Bitmoji about six months ago.

What Bitmoji offers over traditional emoji is personality.

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He landed at film school, but after graduating took a job as a receptionist at an animation studio.

“I would be sitting there and drawing comics of my friend and faxing them to his work,” he said.

Although, he also understands that the avatar builder can always improve, and is constantly tweaking the offerings.

Of course, the other part of it is that Bitmoji come with context.

Before you know it, a cartoon version of you appears on your i Phone (or Android) screen.

You can go back and tweak the nose or face details (or whatever) to get closer to perfection.To make Abby as helpful as possible, the company is looking to develop an exhaustive list of situations and solutions by seeking questions and anwers from the public.Through the generosity of a donor, Identifor Foundation is launching a contest and prize program for those who contribute questions and answers for Abby by September 4, 2015.“You know, just looking at humans and trying to catalog what are the different parameters of the mouth, what kind of ears do people have,” he explained.“Just studying and then figuring out what’s the set that is needed to differentiate one person from another.” He discovered there are only a handful of face shapes, eyebrow arches, lip types, and so on.But, still, with so few choices, how do the faces come out so well?


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