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Ice Frog himself recently tweeted about changelogs being smaller but a lot more frequent.

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FX Networks Flint written by Barbara Steppsky; Life time Godless, Scott Frank wrote; Netflix’s Manhunt: Written with Unibombar, Jim Clement, Tony Gittelson, Max Harvey, Steven Katz, Nick Sank, Andrew Sodersky, Nick Town; Discovery Channel Long form added Big Little False, David E.

7.08 came with a lot of minor changes, however their impact was more substantial than one could assume.

A total of 23 heroes were changed in the patch, along with 11 items and the combined effect of these changes was enough to shift the meta into a slightly new direction.

Naga Siren is seeing a revival in the support role, reminiscent of TI5 when EG's Naga Siren, played by Aui_2000, warranted a first phase ban.

Netflix’s Ajiz Anisir, Ajiz Ansari, Andrew Bliz, Matt Houbard, Joe Jarnan, Joe Mende, Matt Murray, Sarah Peter, Sarah Shannider, Michael Schur, Leila Strachan, Jean Stupnitzky, Laksmi Sundaram, Lena Waithe, Jason Woliner, Alan Young; Netflix’s Alec Berg, Shaun Box, Adam County, Jonathan Dotan, Mike Judge, Kerry Campper, Andrew Law, Rachel Lynn, Dan O’Keefe, Megan Pelchcha, Chris Provanzano, Clay Tarer, Graham Wagner, Haroon Jellman; HBO VP, Gabriel Allan, Rachel Axer, Ted Cohen, Jennifer Critden, Alex Gregory, Steve Haley, Peter Huik, Eric Kendor, Billy Kimble, David Mandel, Ian Mc T????

-Graham, Dan Minatz, Liu Morton, Georgia Pretake, Will Smith; HBO New series American Vandal, Sheth Cohen, Lorraine Hernerstick, Dan Lagana, Kevin Mc Manus, Matthew Mc Manus, Jessica Girl, Dan Peruple, I wrote Poca, Mike Rochelio, Tony Jasenda.

Newbee today is dominant with the hero, while her pick rate is increasing in the Chinese scene.

What has changed lately to cause her rise in the meta?

2018 Writers Guild Award Script PLACE Nomination TV and new media nominees Radio / Audio Name Promotional nominees Video Song Names Previous nomination and winner Writing award database Screenplay number Unknown screenplay Emily V.

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