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He argues that such abilities exist only in their minds and imaginations.

It is a diplomatic argument in the face of personal risk of accusations of “heresy”.

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The Vatican secret archive expands with confiscated contraband.

1560: August 7: Nyírbátor, Hungary – Erzabet Bathory, later to be known as “the blood countess”, is born.

The body exhibits the generally accepted signs of vampirism of the time, is publicly displayed for a time, and is then reburied under the town gallows.

The attacks experienced by the town are reported to increase in severity.

1522: King Charles V, as part of his campaign on behalf of Catholicism, sets up a special tribunal in the Spanish Netherlands to try and hold back the tide of Protestantism.

It is variously reformed by his son Phillip II and is thought to have been responsible for about 2,000 executions in the period up until the Dutch Revolt in 1572.

1563: Germany – By the late sixteenth century, the power of the Inquisition begins to wane.

Johann Weyer (Weir) (1515–1588), a critic of the Inquisition, manages to publish “De praestigus daemonum” in which he argues that while Satan does seek to ensnare and destroy human beings, the charges that accused witches, werewolves, and vampires possess supernatural powers, are false.

During and after the revolt the Inquisition is portrayed as the enemy of political as well as religious liberty, despite the fact that most of its victims had been Anabaptists who were also viciously persecuted by orthodox Protestants.


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