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Box has creases down the sides from other boxes pushing down on it. empty UMC 44 caliber cartridge box for Union Metallic Cartridge Company 's .44 Colt New Army Revolver Ammunition. Only the cover of the box was found so we are selling as is. The box is complete and comes with the correct bottom.

In pretty good condition, no rot, solid and some light paper loss only. 2-piece, empty Winchester 22 caliber cartridge box. There are corner tears to both sides of the bottom top and paper loss to one side of the bottom.

Good kiln gun shell boxes are harder to find than the actual shells. WINCHESTER GUN CLUB SUPER FERRO TARGET LOAD AND WINCHESTER GUN CLUB LOADS SHOTGUN SHELL BOXES, 12GA, EMPTY-NO SHELLS, COLLECTIBLE. The other box was: Made Exclusively for WINCHESTER Public Shooting Centers. Here is an unusual representative example to add to your collection. Scarce early Winchester .22 short cartridge box.100 rds.

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By opening the box in this manner, the labels on the end and side panels were not defaced, however wear and the years have eliminated the side label image of the carbine, and the top portion of the end panel bearing the top half of the image of the cartridge is missing.

he other side label bears the Winchester guarantee, specifically stating these cartridges are for the MODEL 1873 Rifle, making no mention of the later Model 1892. The inside of the box top retains the full reloading instruction label.

These early boxes, full, partial or empty, survive at a much lower rate than do the rifles and are actively sought to complete a Western Frontier display with an early 1873 Winchester Rifle, and full boxes with complete legible labels and the original cartridges are becoming increasingly difficult to find. Each box is individually described and priced below with accompanying photographs.

Please specify which box you are interested in when placing your order.

The cartridges have obviously been in the box for many, many years, evidenced by the amount of lint, dust and animal hair I found packed in between the cartridges as I was checking through them.

Apparently, a previous long-ago owner - perhaps the original owner - found himself with a full box of .38 WCF cartridges, but the box was destroyed and he transferred them to this box as a handy replacement. The box was opened by carefully cutting through the exterior wrapper along all four sides, in the seam between the lid and bottom of the box.

Four Vintage Remington 22 Caliber Ammo Boxes All Empty.

Remington Kleanbore 22 boxes They are in near mint condition.

Some fuzziness of pics is due to extreme closeup shots. Boxes are filled with foam blocks and cardboard to help prevent crushing. empty Selby Smelting & Lead 10 gauge SELBY LOADS shot shell box. Box is filled with foam blocks and cardboard and is shrink wrapped. EXCELLENT No issuesempty Winchester 12 gauge LEADER, STAYNLESS, SMOKELESS POWDER, shot shell box. There's a small seam split at the top of the box and a couple seam splits on the side.

The 'FERRO' box was meant to be used only on the Winchester Franchise Gun Clubs. White box has written numbers on back, but otherwise in good condition. Please be aware that both end flaps are missing as shown in pics. This box is mislabeled from the factory making it somewhat unusual. Copper cased, H mark EXCELLENT box is not torn,& still has it's original paper hinge.(more than likely, black powder cartridges.)Marked "Stetson's Patent Oct 24,1870" & "Process of lubricating Pat'd Sept.12,1882"for "100 No.22 Metallic Cartridges"The cartridges shown are the copper cased originals(not included) These early boxes are scarce as hens' teeth.

Please Ask Any Questions Prior to Bidding Payment Is Expected Within 3 Days of the Close of the Auction I Only Accept Pay Pal U. Bidders Only Thank You for Looking and Bidding 60s) .22 Boxes.


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