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In 2014 we dedicated 6 Fridays nights to explore the world of Divergent - we started with an intro night and then five nights exploring each of the factions.Here are the various media elements we created: Intro Outline - An outline of the night Intro Presentation - A Power Point to present the night Intro Manifestos - Faction manifestos to print Intro Faction Activities - Faction activities to print for leaders Intro Aptitude Test - The test to print for each person Intro Photos - A selection of photos taken on the night Candor Outline - An outline of the night Candor Presentation - A Power Point to present the night Candor Truth Cards - Truth cards to print Candor Dare Cards for Printing - Dare cards to print Candor Truth or Dare Mat for Printing - A paper mat to print for the cards Candor Photos - A selection of photos taken on the night Amity Outline - An outline of the night Amity Presentation - A Power Point to present the night Amity Slideshow - A Power Point to show before the night starts Amity Photos - A selection of photos taken on the night Abnegation Outline - An outline of the night Abnegation Presentation - A Power Point to present the night Abnegation Photos - A selection of photos taken on the night Abnegation Cards to Print - Items to print for the Cards station Abnegation Verse to Print - Items to print for the Collage station Abnegation Logos to Print 1 - Logos to print 1 Abnegation Logos to Print 2 - Logos to print 2 Abnegation Signs to Print - Signs to print for display Abnegation Welcome Sign to Print - Welcome sign to print In Term 3 of 2014 we launched a series dedicated to bring online worlds into the real world.

Gospel Presentation (17mb) - A presentation for the message.

Gospel Presentation Audio (9mb) - A recording of the message.

Program Supplies - A list of supplies to get for the event.

Program Prints - A set of pages to print for the event. Countdown Video (5mb) - A countdown video for the event.

You are entering a period of your life when friends have particular meaning.

David and Jonathan in the Bible were special friends.

Presentation 2 - A second presentation with questions for teens to answer.

Program Pics (1mb) - A presentation with pics from the event.

Production Script - Download the script for the Father's House production.

Production Media (60mb) - Download all the media files for the production. Program Presentation - A presentation to run the Event.

Here are the courses currently available in Youth World, listed in recommended order: *A Country Called Heaven (including VIDEO versions for lessons 2—15) *Overcomers *Winners (series 1) *Timely Topics for Teens (including VIDEO versions) *The Boy and the Cabin (series 2) *Winners (series 2) *Understanding True Love (practical, valuable stuff about love, dating and marriage) *Does Christianity Differ from Other World Religions?


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