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But up stepped the Falcon defense, and rookie point guard Eli Cattan.With Co-Captain Ray Braha and Junior Albert Richter alternating at the top of the team’s “13” defense, the Falcons staunched the flow of the Sting offense, and Cattan caught fire, scoring 8 straight points to end the half and close the gap to only 3, with SAR clinging to a 20-17 lead. The press began to take its toll on the Sting players. But you have to keep up with the Cohens and get a shidduch for your daughter whos still in nursery, and then after all of this drop down absurd amounts of money for a shitty education.

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You may say that yeshiva guys go to college, but using your scam credits from night seder to get that degree from FDU or Touro could be done without mortgaging your house.

Then you have these girls yeshivas that charge an arm and a leg as well, and all they are preparing the girl for is marriage and a life of baby making and white cloth checking.

I have no legitimate children and unless you people start showing up to my shows or getting me advertisers I’m sending my kids to public school.

Fact is some may not even call yeshiva an education; I didnt go to a very good school so I wouldnt know, but to spend all that money on a school to teach your kid how to sit and learn out of a gemara all day seems pretty stupid.

But still the yeshivas are broke, charge you an arm and a leg and the teachers never get paid on time like kasharus, it seems like one big scam and since I have been asked multiple time to write about it I figured I would. You cant just pose a problem without a solution right?

Well I dont really have a good solution, I would send my kids to public school, but I am a progressive dude, and Im dirt poor and dont really see the value in yeshiva education.Shouldnt Rabbis be driving around foreign cars with cd players in them?Shouldnt yeshiva Rebbes have more then one weekday suit to wear?Do these girls really need to go to school, get all that education just to prepare them for a career as a stenographer or a medical billing assistant?The above cases are for the really yeshivish crowds, which complain the most or seem like they complain the most because I read the readers write section of the Yated every week.On Tuesday, December 25th the Tzedakah Commission along with Rabbi Besser ran a very successful Goods and Services Auction. Some of our teachers donated free lunch, tutoring, ice skating or martial arts lessons. The students at the Yeshivah of Flatbush had a good laugh at some of the prizes and tried to win, all while doing a chesed by giving tzedakah to the poor of Eretz Yisrael.

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