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Mc Kean decided to schism again, calling his new movement the International Christian Churches or the Sold-Out Discipling Movement. Shame and guilt: People humiliated in leaders meetings if you didnt have any visitors- people made to stand up in large groups if they didnt bring any visitors in X amount of time.

Why are they considered an abusive/destructive group? Fear of leaving the group or being shunned by group f. People told that God is displeased and will cut off every tree that does not bear fruit, and that God is going to spit you out of his mouth that your lukewarmness makes God want to vomit, your sins killed Jesus, you killed Jesus, your sins mean that you deserve death, you will go to hell if you leave the group, you will lose all your relationships if you leave the group, you will become mentally ill, fall away from God, go to Hell, etc.

They are very fun and good at making people feel welcome.

This group claims to be just a Bible believing honest Christian church, but it will demand every ounce of your being and rape you spiritually and leave you questioning yourself, your traditions and everything about you that is you and replace that with only the parts of you they can use to glorify themselves.

The sincerity makes it seem more credible, because they are not lying because they actually believe what they are telling you.

The following is a general description from FROM REVEAL WEBSITE: The International Churches of Christ (ICOC) and International Christian Churches (ICC) The ICOC is also known as: The Boston Movement, Discipling Movement, Crossroads Movement, Multiplying Ministries, (City) Church of Christ e.g., Boston Church of Christ.

As members, students have dropped out, reduced their course load, or changed to easier majors due to the number of church-related meetings and events, which are deemed mandatory or very important.

A typical non-leader member can spend between 6-15 hours per week in church events.

During the 1970s, the Mainline Churches of Christ membership numbers had plateau-ed.

In Gainesville, Florida, Chuck Lucas, the mentor of Thomas Kip Mc Kean and campus minister for the Fourteen Street Crossroads Church of Christ, realized having every member 1) focus on recruitment ( evangelism) and 2) tied into the church via prayer partners would allow his church to rapidly grow.

Numerous members and ex-members have noted personality shifts and personality falsification towards the group norm.

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