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In the cities the duties were originally taken care of by a gjaldker.

From the 19th century, deputies were hired in larger areas to assist the sheriffs.

Following the democratization in 1814, the Ministry of Justice was created in 1818 and has since had the primary responsibility for organizing the police force.

The first titled chief of police was hired in Trondheim in 1686, thus creating the first police district, although his jurisdiction only covered the city proper.

Chiefs of police were hired in Bergen in 1692, Christiania (Oslo) in 1744 and Christianssand in 1776.

As the first city in Norway to do so, Trondheim had a chief of police appointed in 1686, and Oslo established a uniformed police corps in 1859.

The directorate is led by National Police Commissioner Odd Reidar Humlegård.In 1894 the authorities decided to abolish the position of bailiff and it was decided that some of its tasks would be transferred to the sheriffs.This resulted in 26 new chief of police positions, largely corresponding to the old bailiwicks.In the cities the police authority was transferred directly to the bailiff.By the mid-17th century there were between 300 and 350 sheriffs.The police force in Norway was established during the 13th century.


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