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Reborn is not amused.)"My king," Obito murmurs, looking up at Hashirama. Hashirama isn't the king, he isn't even the man who saved Obito when the caravan was attacked and Obito was left behind, wounded and fading quickly. Mito and Tobirama can keep bouncing across rooftops and knocking out criminals if they want.

A story of One-Shots surrounding a former Clan heir and a young priestess that changed everything. Weeks prior he wrote a song about the red head on a whim and slid it into his locker, thinking he'd never find out. He has lived the past four years as Auric, a Gatekeeper. Will his friends be able to awaken Ed, and what happens to Auric if they do? The lights of Konoha are coming on in the dusk, like stars against the shadows, and Tobirama pauses, standing atop his brother's carved stone face as he looks over the village.

Ita/Kag"My apartment smelled like cordite and burning hair. Will Gaara match up the anonymous song to the play's? Change has touched every part of it, but at a single glance Tobirama can tell that the foundations are still there.

Eventual SLASH Remy/Harry In which John makes a bet with a co-worker. A/MModern AU in which Charles and Erik are flatmates. Sequel to my first story, Post Obsession Conversation. Gibbs and Tony try to figure out where their relationship is headed after the revelations in Gibbs' basement. "Blue Shirts are BAMFs" was one of these fics but was so long I posted it separately. One day its a marauding Weevil, the next its a colleague with a gun who’s a little pissed off.

Herein follows the travels of Ianto Jones with the Doctor. He flees to muggle London where he is taken care of by a dog, a doctor, and a quirky detective. His story isn't a happy one, but it's the only one he's gonna get. Betrayed by his family in a world he doesn't know, he struggles to be accepted as just Harry. Years later he is given the chance to meet the boy - now a man - and unite the treasure of Britain to unite the land of Albion and end the harsh war. Sherlock/John implications at the end AU, YAOI- "You of all people know I'm not like that, Kanda. I can't read body language that isn't offensive and imposing- /I read I think your cute as I'm going to back you in a corner and beat you/." Yullen, ICan Read People? There's a guest character from the X Men comics New Mutants that I absolutely love. His mother, notoriously known as the 'black widow', isn't what she seems and Blaise inherited more than just her good looks. It didn't help that he didn't understand Ron Weasley at all. A collection of mostly humorous little fics written for Ship Wars. From casting to screening, Itachi plans to snag Naruto for himself, but Naruto's convinced the Uchiha's straight. Two-shot Threats at Torchwood come in all shapes and sizes.

Though, as far as that goes, I'm about 5k into a spinoff story focusing on Kakashi and Obito's journeys, tentatively titled "Hatake Kakashi's Guide to Finding Yourself in Fire Country" because I am a massive dork. Because you're all amazing I I really don't deserve you... Gestalt With Luck also drew brilliant scenes from Chapter 1, Chapter 3, Chapter 6, and Chapter 13, and I adore all of them.

)OMG it's Kurama and Kakashi with glittery pink hair thank you thank you Hokakyo Two gorgeous pieces from Strings of the Soul, so pretty :)Manillalu did several pieces that just take my damned breath away: ALSO COMPLETE, THANK FREAKING GOD.

Detectives Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno are assigned a baffling case that takes them from Konoha's glittering holographic high-rises to its augment-infested depths, trying to find nine cybernetically-enhanced replicants with the power to bring their world to its knees. There is no time in their world for soulmates and sentimental nonsense, but Madara is his father's heir, a genius, a soldier at the age of thirteen, and he bares his wrist proudly. Now," Obito orders, pulling one of his guns from its shoulder holster and checking how many bullets he has left.

Sasu Naru, Saku Ino Part 8 of the Criminals 'verse. Genma's heart is pounding like the first time he defused a bomb on the fly, no gear and no plan, just adrenaline and determination and pigheadedness in equal measure. Across the blue-violet veins, stark crimson against his pale skin, is the name Tobirama. "And as a public service announcement, if you assholes get us stranded in the backwoods of Kusa and make me miss my wedding, I am going to kill you all."AU.

Madara hardly expects his day to get worse from there, but he forgot to factor in his ridiculous brother, his nephew's cunning, and the return of a distractingly attractive sea god he'd really rather remain in his past. Sasori is impatient and aloof and cold, with a tendency to get lost in his woodworking and a history of criminal activity that would make any sane person faint. "No," Tobirama says again, though he already has a sneaking, sinking suspicion that he's going to lose this argument, as he does the vast majority of his arguments with Mito.

There's only one direction for things to go from there, and it's definitely not up. There is nothing in that equation that suggests assigning him three traumatized, grieving children will be anything short of a complete disaster. Then, because sometimes the only way to undermine Mito's crazy is to match it, he adds, "If one of us is Batman, the other has to be Robin, and I look terrible in pixie boots."Sequel to Paper Airplanes.

Dick gets the feeling that this is more of himself than Sanzo's explained to anyone in a very long time.

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