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PRS produces a large range of models in the SE series including the Custom 24, SE245, SE Kestrel and Kingfisher bass guitars as well as signature guitars such as the Bernie Marsden, Tremonti, Zach Myers and Santana amongst others.In 2013, PRS added the S2 Series, which added a more affordable American PRS that are built in their Maryland factory. It featured an intricate dragon inlay which ran down the finger board, a wide 22 fret neck, and a non-vibrato Stop-tail bridge and a new pick up design.

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PRS necks are usually made from mahogany, although some models feature maple or Indian or Brazilian rosewood necks; fingerboards on production models are normally made of rosewood.

PRS's signature fret markers include the standard moon inlays and the optional birds, often fashioned from pearl or paua (abalone) shell.

It was an update on the classic Fender vibrato and used cam-locking tuners, which offered wide pitch bending with exceptional tuning stability.

The pre-intonated stoptail is unique to PRS, though this design does not allow intonation to be adjusted to compensate for variations in string thickness or drop tuning.

By the end of 1998, PRS was producing 700 guitars a month with a staff of 110 people.

The bodies of most PRS guitars are crafted of mahogany, with a maple top on most models.

In 1998, an electronic upgrade kit was released for pre-1993 instruments which included lighter-weight tuner buttons, nickel-plated brass screws for saddles and intonation, a simulated tone control, and high-capacitance hookup wire.

referred to as the "SE" which are manufactured in Korea by World Musical Instrument Co.

20th and 25th anniversary edition production models feature updated and stylized versions of this standard inlay.

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