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You can still eat at the local places when you feel like it and eat cheap at your room. I guess my main goal is to adventure about, w/out stressing about seeing too much, and see the sights a little off the beaten path or that I may never have the chance to do again.Here's another option, not for the faint of heart I guess, depends..... However..only tour company that has a sunrise trip, not a sunset trip, is 100% japanese! I even called them to confirm and yes indeed, the entire trip is narrated in japanese.

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Total tourist traps, I realize - but it was still fun. I went to one and, although it was a tourist trap, I had a great time!

If I ever make it back to Hawaii I am hoping to talk to other people, such as the posters above, about places to stay.

I'm going solo and would like any input on areas of interest, place not to be missed and "must do's." I'm staying on the Big Island for 7 days and want to enjoy each day! I've got plans to see the National Volcano Park, take a tour up to the top of Mauna Kea for a sunrise and generally roam the island. I'd like to do a "hot coal" walk, but do they really exist? see dolphins there and whales...never turn your back on the ocean and if no one is in the water take the hint... bring your own snorkle mask , bring a thick towel to lay on the lava rocks, great hiking sandals and a wind/rain breaker...visit black sands beach... I really appreciate the directed "go here, not here's" really helps.

I'd recommend picking up a copy of Hawaii - The Big Island Revealed. It's important to plan your places to visit carefully or you will end up in the car more than at your destination.

Seems the park closed off access in 2008 to getting closer then a 1/2 mile away due to safety concerns. Anyone take a boat tour of the lava entering the ocean? Sure it's WAY early in the morning, but sunrise lava exploding into the ocean....could be memorable! I'll be sure to sample some local eats, but at the same time I saw NOT eating out all the time as a way to save some $$$. My purpose was to find the gorgeous beaches and do as much snorkling/scuba diving as possible. I wanted to lay on the beach and sip tropical drinks. )I took the drive to the volcano and wasn't really impressed since you can't even see it through the park access.

A really great way to see a large part of the island is by helicopter. You can book online at home through Blue Hawaiian and get a discount plus you can get the day you want. I'm quite adventure some and have my trekking poles and hiking shoes ready to go..could be quite the unique visit.

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