Dating someone who has cheated before

Unless there’s an STI diagnosis that affects the relationship, it’s probably best to keep the past in the past.

There are butterflies with every kiss, goosebumps with every touch, and being apart from them feels like hell on earth.

But while that may be true, there’s also the other side, like figuring out when you’re supposed to reveal your past in new relationships — if at all.

For anyone on the other end of this situation, taking in someone’s cheating past can be hard.

But Shea says it’s not black and white — the reasons for cheating are diverse and complicated.

However, 24 percent never, ever want to know about a new partner’s cheating past.

I guess ignorance is bliss when it comes to this subject. Here are nine other things to know about when you should reveal other less than romantic details.

Many of us have little bits that we fear might send this fantastic new person running for the hills.

Because it’s definitely not easy to spill your guts about some of the most personal and intimate details of your life, dating site Zoosk, decided to do some investigating.

Shea adds the word “cheating” is also attached to so many negative connotations and it can mean everything from flirting to sex.“It is something done behind someone else’s back and if two people have a commitment to each other, one person is breaking it.”But O’Reilly says it is much more common.


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