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if you're a righty, most people set it up so you reel with your left hand, with the line coming out of the front (not underneath the reel). If so, you could strip the fly line and backing out, leaving it tied to the reel and just reel it all in again, taking care that the line doesn't build up on one side of the spool.

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I have a South Bend Finalist 1144 and being new to fly reels I dont know how the drag works, when the drag is tightened down its harder to reel in but I am still abel to pull line out with no felt drag how does this work as a drag? The Finalist is a low cost import copy of the Hardy featherweight. If working properly it should apply just enough pressure to prevent the spool form over running.

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To apply additional pressure (large fish on the reel) you must apply it manually to your line on the spool.

I suspect (unless it's a an early American made one) it will function marginally but should be OK for most panfish and trout fishing.

With the drag tightend down I cant pull line out without some struggle. You might go to the classic reel section of the fiberglass rod forum for more info.

There is 100 yards of backing and my line on there. You want to flip that center disc over: take out the 2 screws, flip the disc, and then replace the screws.

Though often overshadowed by fishing lures and reels, fishing rods are the source of the word "angler," so they deserve our respect.

That’s because in medieval England, fishing rods were known as "angles." Back then, before fiberglass and graphite composites, fishing rods were often made of light, tough, and pliable bamboo or ash, with maple butts and grips of cork.

If you're a lefty, or want to reel with your right hand for some reason (some do), then you may need to change the drag-- if it can be changed ( a pic would help).

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