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but with those letters he got a gift very few of us could ever receive.

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Since only an estimated 3% or less (probably a lot less) of U. military firearms are reflected in the SRS database, the odds of discovering even this modicum of information are pretty low.

Some have wondered why records regarding a particular weapons subsequent disposition after it left the factory werent maintained and available today.

Or are there no records like this at all that there is public access to? I repatriated a carbine stock from Northern France and found the name and s/n on the sling of the soldier who carried it.

I think it would be a blast to put in the sleuthing to pull up my rifle's history. I tracked down his son and confirmed that the soldier did land on D-Day and was subsequently wounded.

While interesting, there is no subsequent information revealed regarding the gun in question.

Likewise, for those fortunate enough to obtain a hit on their weapon in the Springfield Research Service database are only going to find out a snippet of information in the guns chain of custody while in military service.

A guy bought an antique desk with the idea of restoring it best he could and using it in his office.

While he was pulling out the draws he found a stack of letter some guy had written to his brother.

For example, factory letters can often be obtained for some U. military firearms manufactured under government contract. The most common of these are the various Colt handguns such as the Model 1911, Model 1909 and Model 1917 as well as some of the Smith & Wesson revolvers made for the government.

Even in such cases, however, the information only reveals the date and destination of the shipment from the factory.

He honestly didn't even think his dad liked him all that much.

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