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This can be seen in the growing popularity of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) and fringe groups such as the English Defence League (EDL) and British National Party (BNP).Even the ruling Conservative Party has pledged Thus, coming to work in the UK is likely to become even more difficult in the years to come.If you think you need a visa, please read the following section.

Postcodes are a common way to identify roughly where you live and they correspond very loosely with compass points from the City of London.

It's worth noting that there is no NE postcode or S-only postcode.

While Americans, Canadians, Australians, New Zealanders and nationals from certain other countries can usually enter the UK visa-free as tourists, this does not give you the right to work.

If you're caught working without the correct visa, you'll likely be removed from the country and you could barred from re-entering the UK for up to 10 years.

Most people I meet are more interested in complaining about the weather, talking about where they live, moaning about housing prices, or any of the million-and-one other things that people talk and complain about here that have nothing to do with immigration.

Basically, if you come to London from abroad to work, expect: to be asked about your home country a lot, to be teased occasionally about your vocabulary/pronunciation of certain words, to meet tons of amazing people, to have loads of amazing experiences, and to pay more for accommodation than you ever thought possible.My best piece of advice for anything to do with immigration is to go straight to the source: the GOV.UK website will tell you in plain English what type of visa you'll need and the requirements that go along with it.As a white Canadian male (who also has British citizenship), I get asked where I'm from on a fairly regular basis.I also feel as though I occasionally get mistaken for a tourist when out in Central London.First, if you're not a UK or EU citizen, then make sure you get your visa sorted before you leave.


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