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The Euphrates had a much smaller flow of water than the nearby Tigris.

The latter was much swifter, however, so that it was potentially more important for irrigation, even though much harder to tame.

The Egyptian Nile had a much more predictable water flow than the Mesopotamian rivers because it flowed through hundreds of miles of swamp, where unusually high annual floods spread out, interfering with navigation but averting the danger of the occasional destructive inundations of Mesopotamia.

Akkad (Akkadu), which held power for about a century and a half.

Sargon and his successors were the first known rulers in southwestern Asia to gain control of the Fertile Crescent as well as of adjacent territories.

They sent trading expeditions to central Anatolia and Iran and as far as India and Egypt.

But recent excavations and surface explorations have proved that irrigation around the upper Tigris and Euphrates, as well as their tributaries, dates from the early 6th millennium .

In northern and eastern Mesopotamia, main streams were soon partly diverted during moderate river floods into canals running more or less parallel to the rivers, which could thus be used to irrigate an extensive area.

It is therefore not surprising that there is evidence of simple agriculture as far back as the 8th or 9th millennium irrigation on a large scale in Mesopotamia is somewhat doubtful because most of the early sites of irrigation culture were covered long ago by accumulation of alluvial soil brought down by the spring floods of the Euphrates rivers.


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