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Cubby-Hole or Cubby-House – A snug place for a child. Curry Favor – To seek or gain favor by flattery, caresses, kindness. Profanity was frowned upon by polite society and old west cowboys rarely would swear in front of a lady. “Ol’ Bill is a regular curly wolf, especially when he’s drinkin’ whiskey.” Curmudgeon – An avaricious, churlish fellow, a miser. Also called “cushie.” Cuss Words – The swear words back then are pretty much the same as they are now, though they were not used as prevalently back then. Cut Stick – To be off, to leave immediately and quickly. California Prayer Book – Gambling term for a deck of cards. Cannon – A revolver Can Openers – Spurs Can’t Come It – Cannot do it. Crowbait – Derogatory term for a poor-quality horse. Cruller – A cake made of a strip of sweetened dough, boiled in lard, the two ends of which are twisted or curled together. Cut And Come Again – Implying that having cut as much as you pleased, you may come again; in other words, plenty; no lack; always a supply Cut And Dried – Ready made.

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This “serenade” is continued night after night until the party is invited in and handsomely entertained. Clean his/your plow – To get or give a thorough whippin’.

Clean Thing – Denotes propriety or what is honorable. Clothes-Horse – A frame-work for hanging clothes on to dry after they have been washed and ironed, in the form of an opening screen.

When a person attempts to effect a particular object, in which he fails, we say, “He can’t do it by a long chalk.” Chap – A boy, lad, a fellow. Chopper – The cowboy who cuts out the cattle during a roundup. Chuck – To throw, by a quick and dexterous motion, a short distance. Also called a “grub-line rider.” Chuck Wagon Chicken – Cowboys humorously used the term for fried bacon. Clap-Trap – An artifice for attracting applause, used chiefly in theatrical or political events. (Would rather sit around the coffee pot than help.) Coffin Varnish – Whiskey. Corn-Cracker – The nickname for a native of Kentucky.

Charivari – (Commonly pronounced shevaree.) – A custom of serenading the newly married with noise, including tin horns, bells, pans, kettles, etc. Later, applied to someone’s mouth that constantly makes noise. Coal-Hod – A kettle for carrying coals to the fire. Cocinero – The camp cook – also called “coosie” and “cusie.” Cocked Hat – To knock someone senseless or to shock him completely. Corn-Dodger – A kind of cake made of Indian corn, and baked very hard.

is a term used very broadly to refer to a heritage of social norms, ethical values, traditional customs, belief systems, political systems and specific artifacts and technologies that have some origin or association with Europe.

The term also applies beyond Europe, to countries and cultures whose histories are strongly connected to Europe by immigration, colonization, or influence.

Tendencies that have come to define modern Western societies include the concept of political pluralism, prominent subcultures or countercultures (such as New Age movements) and increasing cultural syncretism resulting from globalization and human migration.

The West as a geographical area is unclear and undefined.

Calash – A covering for the head, usually worn by ladies to protect their head-dresses when going to evening parties, the theatre, etc. Catch a Weasel Asleep – Referring to something impossible or unlikely, usually used in regard to someone who is always alert and seldom or never caught off guard. Cracker – A poor white person of the South, named after the crackling whips used by rural Southerners.


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