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And there’s a happy ending: Smart is now a victim advocate, has created a foundation to help prevent crimes against children, and is happily married. A Stolen Life Author: Jaycee Dugard Jaycee Dugard’s story shares some similarities with Elizabeth Smart’s, and undoubtedly spurred countless “never take rides from strangers” lectures from worried parents.In 1991, Dugard was a fifth-grader walking to her school bus stop in South Lake Tahoe when a car pulled over; thinking the driver wanted directions, Dugard approached, was shocked unconscious with a stun gun, and pulled into the car.Dugard eventually received a million settlement from the Department of Corrections for their failures to monitor Garrido and follow up on concerned citizens’ calls; a lifelong animal lover, she created the JAYC Foundation to provide animal-assisted therapy to abduction victims and their families. A House in the Sky Author: Amanda Lindhout I thought it was interesting that more than one of these survivors, despite being writers or aspiring writers, nevertheless had ghost writers or co-authors on the story you’d think they would know best.

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Lindhout’s conversion to Islam as a survival tactic, the alternating and unpredictable cruelty and kindness of her captors, and her complex relationship with Nigel, make for a riveting and harrowing story you won’t soon forget, even if you occasionally want to shake her for her foolhardy decisions.

However, Lindhout has undeniably gained wisdom and insight from her suffering, and amazingly, has even started a foundation to educate and help Somali youth so that they don’t turn to crime. Waiting to Be Heard Author: Amanda Knox You may argue that Amanda Knox doesn’t truly belong on this list, since she was jailed rather than kidnapped.

Demonized in the Italian press as “Foxy Knoxy,” a sly, cunning succubus, and the subject of a lurid tell-all featuring sealed court documents and falsified information, Knox couldn’t have — and didn’t — receive a fair trial.

This memoir relates her journey from sheltered naïf to cynical, wised-up adult.

She’s the kind of girl who takes a selfie outside a mosque, wearing a skimpy tank top and no bra, and posts it publicly on Facebook for everyone to see.

As she settles in, Lily makes some dubious lifestyle choices, taking a job as a nightclub waitress “to practice her Spanish” and dating the rich, insufferable neighbor who lives alone in his dead parents’ crumbling mansion; her roommate/frenemy Katy makes no secret of her disapproval.

At any rate, Amanda Lindhout is a would-be foreign journalist when her story begins, having fled a turbulent and impoverished childhood in Canada.

A backpacker and solo traveler, Lindhout believes she has the essential skills for journalism, and gets a TV reporting gig in Iraq and Afghanistan with a sketchy Iranian-government-owned news channel, too green to realize how glib and uninformed she comes across on camera.

One night, when their host family is out of the house, Katy is stabbed to death in her room.

Lily discovers her body and is subsequently charged as the prime suspect.

In recent years, there’s been a bumper crop of books — fiction and nonfiction — about young women being held against their will.


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